Buddy Holly
The Chirping Crickets

1957 New York City
Niki Sullivan, Jerry Allison,
Buddy Holly and Joe B. Mauldin

   Oh Boy
Not fade away
You've got love
Maybe Baby
It's too late
Tell me how

That'll be the day
I'm looking for someone to love
An empty cup (and a broken date)
Send me some lovin'
Last Night
Rock me my Baby

CD Bonus Tracks on Geffen Records:
Think it over
Fool's Paradise
Lonesome Tears
It's so easy

first released November 27, 1957
LP: Brunswick, USA - BL 54038

UK first released: March 1958
LP: Coral, UK - LVA 9081

re-releases: (end of 1958 and later)
CD: MCA Records Inc, USA - MCAD 31182
CD: MCA Records Inc, USA - MCA 761 00 46
CD: NEM 629
CD: Brunswick DECCA, Geffen Records, USA (2004) - B 0001686-02

LP (200 grams): Reissued : Analogue Productions, USA (2016) - APP 109
Special credits to Kevin Gray and Audiophile Mastering Engineer Steve Hoffman