Buddy Holly
Live - The only unreleased 'live' recordings

   Buddy Holly interviewed by Alan Freed
Early in the morning
Learning the game
Buddy Holly interviewed by Dick Clark
It's so easy
Flower of my heart - rec. 1954
Buddy Holly Live on Stage - rec. 1958:
That'll be the day (live)
Peggy Sue (live)
Oh Boy (live)
Maybe Baby (first version) - rec. May 1957 in Clovis, New Mexico
Buddy Holly in Topeka, Kansas, Radio Station KTOP - 1957:
Interview with DJ Dale Lowery - Part I
Interview with DJ Dale Lowery - Part II
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Rip it up
Love is strange - undubbed, Jan 1959
You're the one - undubbed, Dec 1958 at Radio Station K.L.L.L.
A Tribute To Buddy Holly - live on stage with the Crickets
(recorded February 3, 1969)
That'll be the day (live)
Maybe Baby (live)
Everyday (live)
Keep a knockin' (live)
Well, be all right (live)
Oh Boy (live)
Dearest - undubbed, Jan 1959

released: 1977
LP: Cricket Records (US) C 001000 (White Label)

Buddy Holly interviewed by Disc Jockey Dale Lowery in 1957
Topeka, Kansas, Radio Station KTOP

Dale Lowery: And we have here right now as guests at the K TOP-microphone members of the Crickets. The Crickets, a quartett, and we have first on my left and of course you can't see, but he's on my left, none the less: Buddy Holly.
How are you this evening, Buddy?
Buddy Holly: Fine Dale, how are you?
Dale Lowery: Well, real fine, we hope you are too. Would you care to introduce for our listening audience the rest of the Crickets, if they are here?
Buddy Holly: Well, here is Joe Mauldin, he plays bass, and Jerry Allison plays drums, and the other one, Niki Sullivan, is not here right at the moment, he's out on the stage, ha ha, doing something. And that's it.
Dale Lowery: Why don't you tell us a little bit about some of the recordings that you have out right now?
Buddy Holly: Well, we have three records going right now. And, of course, the first one was That'll be the day, the first one we released.
Dale Lowery: Yeah, we heard about that one.
Buddy Holly: And then we have a new one out by the Crickets called Oh Boy and Not fade away. And then there's one out, it's the same group, but it's under my name. I don't know why they did it that way but it's put out under my name called Peggy Sue and Everyday.
Dale Lowery: How did you fellas happen to get the name 'Crickets'? That's always been treating me.
Buddy Holly: Well, we had to think of some names, that hadn't been used yet, and Jerry came up with it, ha ha. So, sure not been laudably used, but it's a good while back so it didn't matter too much.
Dale Lowery: I guess that about winds up, that's all the time we have for this little interview with the Crickets. And we wann thank the Crickets for taking time out of tonights busy schedule for talking with us for just a few moments on the K TOP-microphone.
Buddy Holly: Well, we'd like to thank everyone that listens and everyone that requests and likes our records and I'd like to thank you boys for playing them.
Dale Lowery: Thank you a whole lot.
Buddy Holly: Thank you very much, Dale.