Buddy Holly
Portrait in Music - Vol. 1
USA and Japan: A Rock & Roll Collection - Vol. 1

   Record 1
Rave On
Tell me how
Peggy Sue got married
Slippin' and slidin'
Oh, Boy

Bo Diddley
What to do
Baby, won't you come out tonight?
I guess I was just a fool - (in error printed: Love's made a fool of you)

Record 2
Lonesome tears
Listen to me
Maybe Baby
Down the line
That'll be the day

Peggy Sue
Brown eyed handsome man
You're so square
It's not my fault
Ready Teddy
It doesn't matter anymore

released: 1971

LP: Coral, Germany - COPS 4408/1-2
Diese Doppel-LP ist mit einem vom Bild her identischen Cover unter dem Namen "A Rock & Roll Collection" in USA und Japan erschienen.