Buddy Holly
Portrait in Music - Vol. 2
USA and Japan: A Rock & Roll Collection - Vol. 2

   Record 1
Crying, waiting, hoping
Rock me my Baby
Take your time
Mailman bring me no more Blues
I'm gonna love you too
Little Baby

Send me some lovin'
I'm looking for someone to love
Last night
Raining in my heart

Record 2
Valley of tears
You've got love
Well ... All Right
Look at me
It's too late
Now we're one

Queen of the ballroom
It's so easy
Not fade away
That's what they say
That makes it tough
Baby it's love

released: 1971

LP: Coral, Germany - COPS 5616/1-2
Diese Doppel-LP ist mit einem vom Bild her identischen Cover unter dem Namen "A Rock & Roll Collection" in USA und Japan erschienen.