Buddy Holly
Reminiscing (Double LP)

Double LP
   Record 1 - Side A
1. Rockabye Rock
2. Blue Days, Black Nights
3. Rock Around with Ollie Vee
4. Love Me

Record 1 - Side B
1. I'm Looking for Someone to Love (with The Crickets)
2. Rock Me my Baby (with The Crickets)
3. Tell Me Now (with The Crickets)
4. You've Got Love (with The Crickets)

Record 2 - Side A
1. Peggy Sue
2. Look at Me
3. Ready Teddy
4. You're So Square

Record 2 - Side B
1. Well...All Right
2. Take Your Time
3. Reminiscing
4. Moon Dreams

Double-LP Pair Records, published 1986
Copyright 1986 MCA Records, Inc. Manufactured by MCA Records
Distributed by Pair Records, Inc.
The 2 albums are labeled Pair Records
MSM2-356070 (MSM 35070A, MSM 35070B, MSM 35070C, MSM 35070D) on label
PDL2-1121 - on jacket
Sleeves are clear plastic
Bar code on rear cover of album 0 8882-61121-1 4
Remittende are marked with a rectangular cut in the upper left album cover, about 10 x 40 mm.