Ray Ruff
I took a liking to you
The Buddy Holly Sound of Ray Ruff

Ray Ruff
at the Norman Petty Studio,
Clovis, New Mexico,
wearing Buddy Holly's glasses.
    1. I took a liking to you
 2. Beatle Maniacs
 3. Long long pony tail
 4. My wish is you
 5. Ummm oh yeah
 6. Well ... all right
 7. Love
 8. My gift to you
 9. Pledge of love
10. Pretty blue eyes
11. I'm gonna love you too
12. Lonely Hours
13. In Dreamland
14. A fool again
15. Angel blue
16. Love made a fool of you
17. Let me tell you about Linda
18. I need someone
19. The girlfriend's car
20. Half pint Baby
21. I'm qualified
22. A Dream
23. The KIXZ Twist
24. You call everybody darling

Liner Notes:
24) rec. 1961, Norman Petty Studio
musicians: Ray Ruff - vocal, guitar, Larry Marcum - lead guitar,
Chuck Tharp - guitar, Jerry Hodges - bass, Gary Swafford - drums,
The Seymore Sisters - backing vocals
first rec. 1957, Norman Petty Studio
musicians: Ray Ruff - vocal, Buddy Holly - guitar, Roy Orbison - guitar,
other musicians unknown - this version is previsously unreleased

published 2002
CD: Hydra Records, Germany - BCK 27116